Midis for minis

It’s not easy being vertically challenged. Whilst standing on chairs to reach the cereal cupboard might be a real-life stuggle, one thing that I find particularly hard is clothes.

Obviously finding clothes that fit isn’t too bad, but wanting to wear certain items can sometimes be a task in itself. Certain styles can dwarf us even more, certain lengths trail on the ground – trousers and skirts are often a nightmare.

On style of skirt I’ve always thought so chic was the midi. A great, relaxed way to wear summer style, the midi is one of my favourites. However, heavy fabrics, unflattering wide cuts and bulky shapes can lend yourself to cutting your height down by a few inches. Inches count, especially those pesky half inches that we often cling to!

So, here’s my tips for finding midis to match my mini stature:

  • Go for sheer materials with solid underskirts. The underskirt helps define your figure so as not to drown you, whilst the sheer material avoids drowning your smaller frame.  
  • Heels are your new best friend. Heels can help elongate your legs, especially when finished with a nude shade or a pointed toe box. 
  • Vertical stripes create illusion. Avoid horizontal stripes as they’ll make you look wider than you are, which creates a kind of shortening effect when teamed with a longer length. 
  • Petite cuts will help. These cuts tend to sit a little higher on the leg, meaning you get the extra length without the skirt trailing somewhere near your ankles. 
  • Scuba is not your friend. Stiffer materials like scuba and ponte create a boxy shape, which is great when you’ve got the extra height to balance it out. Looser materials like cheesecloth and chiffon will give your frame more shape and avoid the box effect. 
Here’s some suggestions that I think would work well on a shorter frame:
 “I’m five foot two and a half, don’t you know”

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