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Tricolore Salad with a Poppety Twist

Just to let you know – this post is picture heavy!
A traditional tricolore salad has mozzarella, tomatoes and avocado. I made a poppety twist and added a few yummy extras. It is super healthy and only contains around 200 calories so it is really great if you are looking for a healthy, and very filling alternative dinner.
You will need:
Mozzarella ball
Avocado x 2
Yellow bell pepper
Lentil bean and pea shoots
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Here’s what you need to do (easiest recipe ever):
1. Grab a handful of spinach and chuck it into a tray/bowl.
2. Grab a handful or so of some lentil pea and bean shoots and throw (in no particular style) onto the spinach. They add great crunch to the salad!

3. Next, deseed and dice your pepper. There is no particular set size for the chunks, it is your personal preference! Throw the diced pepper into the tray/bowl.

4. Next, get your two avocados. You need to slice the knife around the avocado and take out the stone.

5. Criss-cross the flesh inside and scoop out into the tray. 

 6. Slice the tomatoes in half. You can use whatever tomatoes you like, but I quite like the cherry plum tomatoes as they are really sweet. Add them into tray.

7. Slice your mozzarella into bitesize chunks and add them into the tray too.

8. Once all your ingredients are in the tray/bowl you need to drizzle the olive oil and the balsamic across the salad. This gives is a great texture and tangyness.

9. Now is the time to get your hands messy, get your hands right in there, mixing the ingredients and combining them with the balsamic and olive oil.

 10. if you want to, you can stop here and just dig into the salad. This is what I did. Matt fancied some left over honey and lemon chicken, so I sliced it up and added it onto his. 

The great thing about this salad – apart from its low calorie content – is that it could work with anything. Grill some chicken, fish, lamb, falafel… literally whatever you fancy teaming with it will look and taste great. 
Let me know if you try this recipe or if you like the sound of it! More foodie posts coming soon.

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