Roasted Pepper Homous

Clean eating has its benefits. That’s a slight underestimation perhaps, but in general, eating clean is great because you get to have so many snacks! Homous is basically a staple snack because you can pile it on top of anything, or just use it as a tasty dip. This recipe, like last week’s Pepped Up Pesto recipe, is really quick and easy but 100% clean.

You need:

2 x tins of chick peas
3 x peppers
1 x teaspoon of oil / two squirts of low fat oil spray
2 x garlic cloves
1 x teaspoon of paprika
Olive oil – about 30ml
salt n’ pepper

Firstly – you’ll need to slice up your peppers, making sure they’re coated enough oil. Then whack them in the oven and roast them till the skins are soft and they’re almost breaking apart.

Once they’ve cooled down pop them in a blender with the rest of your ingredients (minus the water).

Whizz it up until you have a thick paste, then gradually add the water until you get the right consistency. Some of you might like it really runny, and others a bit thicker so it’s up to you how much water you add!

Warm up some wholewheat pittas, pop it on some rice cakes… be creative and enjoy! This humous is really tasty, full of flavour and 100% good for you. It’s really great as a snack or as part of a larger meal. Making basic products like this from scratch really makes you realise how bland store bought stuff is in comparison!

Have you ever made your own homous? What is your favourite snack?

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