Raisin Pancakes

Clean eating really comes into its own at breakfast. I really love being creative at breakfast time, and one of my favourite meals is pancakes. Although often stuffed with processed flour, cooked in butter, and topped with refined sugar, it isn’t an ideal breakfast when you’re trying to eat clean.

Cut out the white flour, cook it in a good, healthy oil and top it with natural sugars and you’re left with a much healthier version. The rougher milling of the flour means it has more texture, but the sweetness from the raisins and the cinnamon means these are far from bland.

You will need:

1 egg
100g wholewheat flour
120ml of milk / milk substitute if you choose not to have dairy.
20g of raisins
teaspoon of cinnamon
Coconut oil

(you can also add protein powder if you are having this in your diet)

Toppings – I used a tiny drizzle of honey and strawberries, but you can use whatever you like!

Step 1. You need to add the egg to the flour and cinnamon, and gradually whisk in the milk/substitute until you have a batter-like consistency.

Step 2. Heat enough oil in a frying pan to coat the bottom of the pan. The key to keeping these pancakes cooked and not greasy is using a very thin layer of mixture and not too much oil. You want the bottom of the pan to be slippery, but don’t want your mixture to be swimming in it!

Step 3. When the oil in the pan is hot add a small amount of mixture and move the pan around until the mixture coats the bottom. You can always add more if it looks a little thin, but ideally you want to keep it quite thin so it cooks evenly on both sides.

Step 4. As the bottom of the pancake is cooking, drop in some of the raisins.

Step 5. The pancake should have started to cook from the edges on the top, and is ready to be flipped. if you’re a master flipper you can do it in the air, but I always use a spatula to help! The newly flipped side will not take very long to cook, and can be removed from the pan when it slides around.

Step 6. Add your toppings and dig in!

What is your favourite breakfast? 
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