Minty Chocolate Ice Cream

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that I have such a sweet tooth. When I started eating clean my main thought was … but what about all those sweet treats that I love?! I read about making ice cream with bananas ages ago on a vegan blog, so I thought I’d try my hand at it!

You’ll need:

Cocoa powder (make sure its the one that only has 1 ingredient and not hot chocolate powder)
Bananas (approx. 3)
Mint leaves

So, it’s the easiest thing ever to make!

You just need to chop up your bananas, then leave them in the freezer until they’re really hard. I found that leaving them overnight worked best.

Next, tear up your mint leaves (or leave them out if you want just plain chocolate), and pop in a blender. Blend up your frozen bananas, mint leaves and about two teaspoons of the cocoa powder.

Pop into a container and pop back in the freezer for a little bit longer if you like your ice cream harder.If you prefer it a bit softer, dig in! It’s really tasty and a really lovely clean option to those yummy ice creams you can get in the shops.

You could also experiment with flavours! It is so yummy with peanut butter and honey, or you could try adding some diced strawberries or making a plain vanilla version!

Why not leave suggestions for other flavours down below? I’d love to recreate them.

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