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Low Calorie Slow Cooker Curry

I’m not a curry kinda girl. I don’t particularly like spicy food and the only curries that I like have millions of calories in. The average curry at a curry house that I would consume has about 1,000 calories in it (including chapatti). Matt absolutely loves curries and so often I find myself having to come up with tasty alternatives that we both like.
This recipe produces a curry that is full of flavour but still mild. It averages out at around 346 calories without side dishes like poppadoms, rice, naan breads, chappattis. The good thing about it is that if you like spicy food you can add as many chillies as you’d like. It gives around three servings, so double up if you are feeding more than two people!
You will need:
2 x Large chicken breasts
1 x light coconut milk
1 x mild curry paste
1 x bell pepper
1 x onion
Poppadoms to serve
Step 1 – Fry your chicken in the pan until it has turned white. You don’t need to add any oil, just make sure you keep the chicken moving. It doesn’t need to be really browned as it will be slow cooking. I also need to add here that I often make two dinners at once (so there is double the amount of chicken you would need in the picture below!)

Step 2 – Chop up your pepper into fairly large chunks. leave to the side.
Step 3 – Roughly chop up your onion. Leave to the side.

Step 4 – Grab your curry paste and add two dessert spoons to the chicken in the pan.

Step 5 – Transfer the chicken into a slow cooker, or, if you don’t have one a heavy based non-stick pan. If you don’t have a slow cooker I would really recommend getting one, they’re really great for hearty meals, and they always taste so much nicer as the flavours have infused and developed throughout cooking time. Also if you use any meat, it is always super tender and full of flavour when cooked in the slowcooker.
Step 6 – Grab your coconut milk and pour the whole tin into the slow cooker. Make sure you get the light option. It tastes the same but literally has half the calories. If you wanted a less creamy curry you could add chopped tomatoes at this point instead, and a few more glasses of water later on.

Step 7 – Add another dessert spoon of paste to the pot and mix in. If you like a lot of heat you could add chilli flakes, chilli powder or finely chopped chillies at this point too.

Step 8 – Grab your chopped vegetables and add them into the micture. You could add as many vegetables as you like here, or even substitute the chicken just for vegetables if you prefer.

Step 9 – Add half a glass of water. Don’t worry if the mixture is really watery, it should reduce a considerable amount when slow cooking – and besides you don’t want dry meat!

Step 10 – The mixture should look like below. Pop the lid on and switch the slow cooker on to a low heat. Cook on a low heat for around four hours. If you find the mixture is too watery, remove the lid and increase to a hotter setting. When the mixture is at a consistency you like, turn the cooker onto a ‘warm’ setting to just keep it bubbling away.

Step 11- Get your sides ready. I like poppadoms as these only have 37 calories per poppadom. You could add a naan bread but that would make the meal a little higher in calories. These just needed warming up in the oven for around 2 minutes.

Lastly – add any chillies if you fancy. You can also add spinach just before serving which adds a nice iron boost to the meal! I hope you enjoy and let me know if you recreate this.

What is your favourite meal and would you like to see more low-cal recipes?

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