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King Prawn and Smoked Salmon Spaghetti

Literally the yummiest 300 calories you will ever consume. It’s light yet still filling, has a few flavours that compliment each other well. Can be made in around 20 minutes too, so go go!
You will need (serves 2):
White sauce (I bought this but I usually make my own with a little bit of butter, flour and milk)
Smoked Salmon
Spaghetti (preferably wholemeal)
King Prawns
Asparagus tips
Garlic clove/puree
Drizzle of olive oil
Step 1. Get your pasta on straight away, pour over boiling water and cook until al dente. Whilst it is cooking do the next few steps!

 Step 2. Put your prawns and asparagus tips on a tray covered in foil. Drizzle a little olive oil over the tips and then add your garlic, get your hands in there and coat both the prawns and the tips in the garlic.

Step 3. Put under a medium-high heat grill, turning over halfway through. 

Step 4. Add the prawns, tips and the smoked salmon (cut into bitesize chunks) into a bowl until the pasta is ready.

 Step 5. Drain the pasta. At this point you’d either want to make your white sauce by stiring a knob of butter with some plain flour on a low heat until it creates a wet dough like consistency, then slowly stir in the milk. Your sauce will need seasoning and lots of stiring to make sure there is no lumps. If you prefer an easier method, buy a white sauce.

Step 6 – Mix the pasta and white sauce together. You only need a third of the jar.

Step 7 – when the pasta is coated, add in your other ingredients and serve!

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