Avocado Eggs

Eggs are fantastic to have at breakfast. Full of protein, low in fat and really tasty they are great to fill up on in a morning (especially if you’re watching your weight).
This recipe is fairly simple but a really tasty change from the usual scrambled eggs. It has a slightly different flavour and the avocado adds a lovely texture. Here’s what you need:
A handful of spinach
An avocado
An egg
A mug, knife and pan!

Step 1- Slice open your avocado, criss cross the flesh and scoop out. Roughly chop/rip your spinach leaves.

Step 2 – Crack your egg into a mug.

Step 3 – add the avocado and spinach into the mug and whisk really well with a fork. Bang into a pan and mix the mixture on a fairly high heat until the mixture starts to break up into scrambled egg. Serve. (simples)

Not a complicated recipe at all, but a really clean, tasty breakfast that I’ve been loving. Let’s face it – the mug really makes this post. I share what I’ve been loving so here you go! Psst. It is nearly porridge season!

What is your favourite breakfast?

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