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The Ordinary | Buffet

The Ordinary, Buffet

When The Ordinary first made their way around the skincare scene, I’d be lying if I said the low price tag didn’t pull me in.

Whilst luxe skincare is one of my guilty pleasures, the minimalist packaging and extremely affordable price of their products meant it didn’t take long for these to land on my doorstep.

With a complex array of products, my first foray into The Ordinary took the shape of Buffet.

I am by no means in the anti-ageing bracket yet, but any product that promises to give my skin a boost when its dehydrated is a winner in my book. In my eyes, prevention is better than the cure, so I’m always open to finding great products to add to my skincare repertoire.

Simple by name but by no means nature, Buffet is a peptide-rich serum. In one or two drops from the glass pipette,  you find yourself with a mix of anti-ageing peptides, 11 amino acids, multiple hyaluronic acids and a Lactococcus lactis lysate probiotic complex.

One of the skincare technologies within the serum,  Syn-Ake peptide,  is considered an alternative to botox, given its skin smoothing properties are so rich. While another key technology – Matrixyl 3,000, provides long-term reduction of wrinkles, stimulates collagen production and aids the skin repair process. The glycerin and hyaluronic acid add a light layer of hydration, which lasts all day.

The serum itself is slightly cloudy and has a light gel-like texture. On application, it is light, but can be slightly sticky and will sometimes smear across the skin. I find it’s best used either right after toning or after watery serums, or I sometimes like to mix it in with my moisturiser.  When used in any of these ways, I find it sinks in quickly and leaves behind no residue but if I use too much it can ball up on the skin.

Put simply, it’s a skincare product that packs a punch.

It’s a cocktail that leaves my skin firmer, plump and perky. It works well with my other skincare both in the morning and the evenings, making it the perfect addition to my routine.

I’d definitely recommend checking out The Ordinary range if you haven’t already. I buy all mine from Victoria Health, here.

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