The Naughtiest Naughty | Patisserie Valerie

Matt and I headed to Patisserie Valerie on Deansgate on Wednesday for our anniversary. Now, I could have included this in yesterdays post but it was just too delicious to give it its own space. We have know abut this place for a while, but because it is a bit more expensive compared to other cafes, we thought we’d save it for a special occasion!

If you have ever been into Patisserie Valerie, or walked past, you will have been confronted quite literally by the most mouth watering display of food known to man (and woman).

Tempting as it was to have a whole celebration cake to myself… (serious.) I opted for a croissant with cheese and ham for my lunch.
I like how when I say that I’m implying my lunch was small, when as you can see… it was a monster croissant! Then for dessert I had…
The double chocolate gateaux slice… oh wow. Think layer upon layer of soft, squishy sponge and smooth chocolately paste sandwiched together with a thick layer of chocolate and topped with more paste and a profiterole. You heard me, a profiterole as a topping.
If you’ve never been there, go. My friend Mia is coming over to Manchester soon and we will be heading there – to fill up on even more naughtiness!

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