The Comfort of Strangers by Ian McEwan

About the plot.

Mcewan’s novella delves into the closeness between the two characters of Mary and Colin, on their holiday together. The boundaries of their relationship are explored in the beginning of the novella, and they range from complete boredom to more deep, passionate and intimate levels. The downside of this is that when they meet Robert, a local, their intimacies become weaknesses which he can prey upon. Robert is a truly dark character with and even darker past. The climactic end is completely unexpected, and will leave you shocked and disturbed.

 Why you should read it & my personal response

I really enjoyed the way this book was written, the voice of the narrator is seemingly omnipresent, giving the reader insight into the deepest and darkest thoughts of all of the characters. The plot is fantastic, and for such a short book you will find yourself turning the pages faster than you would like. That sense of bringdown I sometimes feel when books finish too quickly – but it really is impossible to make it last longer as it is a real page turner.

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