Gothic Spring by Caroline Miller

About the plot.

As the title suggests, the topic is in the realm of the Gothic. Victorine Ellsworth provides the narrative of this absorbing and haunting tale that is full of twists and turns. Victorine is a character who has much intelligence and imagination, and yet she lives within a society that would rather she kept quiet. The tension between her desires and the restriction imposed upon her life provide conflict within the novel, often with tragic circumstances.

Why you should read it & my personal response

I personally do not like the cover – i think it makes the novel look self published (more on this another day). Whilst I have received and enjoyed some self published texts, I often find that the finished product is less professional in terms of cover, but I will discuss this in a different post. If you find you have a similar impression with the cover, don’t let it put you off. I can assure you that the content is by no means disappointing. The narration is so strangely absorbing that you will find yourself halfway into the novel and wondering where time has gone. The characterisation is effective, and the relationships between the characters are dynamic. Millers style allows a large amount of detail and information to be subtlety interplayed within the text, the result is that you aren’t overloaded, and can progress quickly through the novel.

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