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Blogging is a wonderful thing. Seeing the way that people put everything into their own little slice of the internet is a constant source of inspiration. What better way to inspire you today, than share four of my favourite reads with you…

Cider with Rosie

I discovered Rosie’s blog a while ago, and have since enjoyed her beautifully written posts every week. Whenever I have a break from being online, the first place I always pop to is her blog. Her photography is sensational and her posts are rich with interesting, well written content. You can find her blog here.


I first discovered Caroline’s blog when I worked in my old job and was looking for bloggers to work with. Caroline is so beautiful, with a chic sense of style and an unbeatable talent when it comes to all things creative. Check out her blog here, you’ll love it I promise.

The Daybook

If there is one blog that I’d read cover to cover if it was made into a book, it’d be The Daybook. One of the first blogs I ever discovered, Sydney’s words are mesmerising and the way she writes is just so lovely. Having read her posts every week for the last three years, I genuinely love hearing all about her life with her husband and little boy (and bump). You can read her blog here, plus read how she met her husband Tyson – if you want proof love exists, this is it.


Laura’s blog is similarly one of the first blogs I ever read, one that inspired me to love what I do and write with as much passion as she does. I had no idea at the time that she was the infamous lollipop26 from Youtube as my interest in the video side of things came much later! Her life is wonderfully glamourous and her lovely photography makes me want to shop! See Laura’s blog here.

So there’s four of my favourite weekly reads! Why not share some of your favourite blogs in the comments? 

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