See Ya Summer

Summer’s a goner. I, for one, am pretty pleased to hear this. Whilst the summer sun definitely perks up a bad day, the cool Autumn breeze is my absolute favourite. Crisp weather, walks wrapped up in jumpers, and cosy evenings on the sofa with hot mugs of tea. Yes please, all of the above.

However, so as not to let Summer feel all down and stuff, here’s my favourite things about Summer this year:

+ The busy weekends with the sun beaming down on us
+ The lunchtimes where instead of being hit in the face with rain, it felt like I was on holiday
+  The time I made meringue and my dad said it tasted like toast
+ The time I surprised Matt with a day at the Foodies Festival
+ The summer night Matt and I made pizzas on the BBQ for the first time
+ The Tour de Yorkshire, of which I had no interest until I hit the roadside and was overwhelmed by the excitement of it all
+ The realisation that one of my little brothers was no longer little
+ The day I decided to snip off my long locks and embrace le bob
+ Palindrome Poppet turned three!
+ The day Matt and I got rid of the house we were renting and hit our first saving goal
+ The realisation of how much has changed since four summers ago, and the calm that this brings
+ Our week away in Devon which was full of late nights eating, drinking and laughing on the balcony

What have you loved about Summer?

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