Life is a challenge. On a daily basis I’m faced with some many factors that challenge my positivity, some days its my own mind that I struggle to stay chipper with. However, the other day I came across the quote above.
It hit a nerve. So many people comment on my general mood; friends, work colleagues always comment on how I manage to be positive and give most things a good spin, but it’s not easy.
It’s a series of small habits that get me from day to day, I’ve found that over the last year I’ve had to consciously rebuild the way I see the world…
Cultivating a positive environment
People either drain you, or they build you up. Whilst we sometimes can’t avoid people who always see the darkness, we can choose who and what fills the majority of our head space. It’s not always people that influence us – even the sources of information we surround ourselves with can drag us down.
Taking Stock
Stress builds itself up. Taking a little longer to think, talk, moving around from day to day might seem like a hassle to begin with but it also means negative thoughts and the stress of rushing to fit everything in diminishes over time.
Adding value to someone else’s life
It sounds cliché, doesn’t it? Making someone else happy or improving their day to day doesn’t need to be something complex. Something as simple as sending a song that will cheer someone up can surprisingly make your self worth increase.
At the end of the day, it isn’t easy to see possibility in every moment of the day, but its surprising how easily it becomes part of your everyday when you introduce small snippets of positivity here and there.

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