Nokia Lumia 925 Review

A fortnight ago I was given the opportunity to try out the Nokia Lumia 925*. At the time I was looking to renew my contract so said yes as I thought it might be worth seeing if I’d want to get it. It turns out I ended up going for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (post on it soon), but I’ll share my thoughts on this phone!


The phone is quite large. Its definitely bigger than the iphone, and it felt a bit more like a mini tablet to me than a phone. I’ve got quite small hands so I’m not sure that it’d be the right phone for me, but those that want a phone they can watch films, tv programs on and generally have the benefits of a large screen would love it!


Although I’ve had touchscreen phones for quite a while I found this one was super sensitive so it was a bit hard to navigate through it for the first few times. It has clear icons though, I felt like it would be ideal for those that want instant access to their favourite apps, but I personally like having quite a plain screen and then going into organised folders for different things (organisation nut over here).


I really wish that I could have kept this phone just for the camera! It’d much better than the point and shoot I’ve been putting up with until I get my new camera. I was really impressed with how bright the camera made the images I took in low light. It’s supposed to be one of the best cameras for taking images in low light though so it’s expected!

Here’s some images of the phone:

I took the following images with the camera at night, in darkness:

Would you try the Nokia Lumia 925?

* I was sent this phone for a two week trial. This post isn’t sponsored.

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