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In Defence of Kids Getting Older

These two piglets are still toddlers in my mind. I’ve not quite accepted that one of them is on his path to deciding his GCSE and A-Levels, and the other has one year of primary school left. It’s all a bit mind boggling.

However, there’s definitely a lot to be said for kids getting older. I wanted Matthew and Adam to stay tiny forever. Whether they were little squishy bundles of dependent babyness, or cheeky toothless toddlers bobbling around the garden, I wasn’t fussy. The thought of them being rational miniature men with their own agendas and dreams was terrifying.

Now we’re further down the line, I love it. Matthew is on my wavelength much more than he ever was before. I love his trusting nature and his ability to be completely weird. His dopeyness and clumsiness that’s hit him in the last year or so as he grows ever upwards (seriously, no signs of stopping as yet). I love the way he tries his best at everything, and deep down is fiercely protective of mum and I, always keen to look after us. I just know he’s going to be the kind of man we’ll be proud of.

Adam is still young, the baby of the family, but he amazes me everyday too. His memory is insane, I can’t keep up with his ability to remember a multitude of facts and bits of information. I love his boldness and uncompromising sense of self. He knows who he is and demands to be known, he owns his presence and when he walks into a room I know that heads will always turn towards him. He has drive, and I know as he gets older he’s only going to get more ambitious, more rounded. He’s going to do something amazing one day, and it’s so exciting being able to share that journey with him.

So, I stand corrected. Whilst the chubby cheeks and Michelin man leg days are great, so are these days. If anything, these are the days that are really special – these are the days that we’ll both remember and that we both get to share.


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