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Eva Solo Tea Maker – aka the best invention ever.

Eva  Solo Tea Maker £52.99

I’ve got a tea-maker. This might not seem like a big thing for you normals out there, but for tea fiends like myself this is a fabulous creation that I can’t seem to prize my mitts away from at the moment! The Eva Solo Tea Maker is the ideal size – plus it comes with it’s own handy jacket to keep it’s contents nice and steamy.

It’s best shown in all it’s glory through the wonderful lens of my new camera (more on that later), but I’ll let you know a little bit of why it’s great.

It has a centre filter which is perfect for filtering all the loose bits of tea. If your tea is black and contains tannin, you put it in the central filter. If it doesn’t contain tannin you can put it in the body of the tea maker and not stain your pot.

The flip-top lid is great because it doesn’t spill and leave annoying drips, it also lets out just the right amount so it doesn’t end up going everywhere (although I’ve yet to convince Matt that the lid won’t fall off.

Here’s some images of it in action:

Perfect tea everytime! I’ll be doing tea hauls soon as I make my frequent trip to Whittards, so let me know if you’re similarly strange about tea and would like to see more!

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