Birthday Wishlist

I do love my birthday. One of my favourite days of the year, I love surrounding myself with good people and celebrating being on the planet for yet another year. In twenty days I turn 22, and with a whole host of dreams and inspirations for my next year, what better way to look forward to it than with a wishlist. I really love these kinds of posts, and have never done one before so here goes.

Cameras – I’m saving up for a new camera, as since my bridge camera died I’ve just been using a cheapy point and shoot. I really take my blog and youtube seriously and want to be able to produce the best quality images and video possible. I’m stuck between the Samsung Nx210 or Panasonic Lumix GF6 as they’ve both got great reviews. I’m going to keep reading up on them and will maybe treat myself at the end of the month, especially if I’ve got birthday money!

Asos Cocoon Coat – I’ve had my eye on this coat forever. It’s £75 which is around what I usually spend on a good winter coat. I really love the shape and think the colour would be perfect for all year round.

Alphabet bag – I love these little alphabet make-up bags. I just think they look really classic and as I travel back home quite a lot they’d be a perfect match for my make-up! I’d get the tumbling ‘H’ one, I do think that H is a nice letter, I love the symmetry of it.

&OtherStories Jewellery – How cool is the hand bracelet?! I love simple jewellery, especially pieces that are quite unique and can’t be found everywhere. The simplicity of both the hand bracelet and the ring necklace make them perfect additions to any wardrobe, and I’d love to team them with with both block colour pieces and the darker florals I’m wanting to add to my collection this A/W.

Do you think I’ve picked out some good things? What do you love to do on your birthday?

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