Almost Famous Take 2

Back in October 2012 I headed to Almost Famous with Matt and a few friends (post here). Unfortunately they had a fire a few months back and had to close, now they’re back up and running.

So previously Almost Famous was in some obscure building in Northern Quarter, a building that could easily be mistaken for an office with an unassuming door. When you went up the flight of stairs you were greeted with blaring music, sticky floors and a whole lot of darkness. Since their relocation (to Great Northern, near the AMC), they’ve become a bit more commercialised and I felt had lost a bit of the magic. However, the food was incredibly good so I’m glad that at least that hasn’t be left by the wayside! 
Clare and I popped over for a well needed catch-up this Sunday.
I chose the Triple Nom burger, Bacon Bacon fries and bitch juice to drink. The Triple Nom consists of a double cheeseburger topped with coleslaw, redneck sauce and bbq pulled pork. The Bacon Bacon fries are essentially just delicious crispy fries topped with baconnaise and crispy bacon pieces. Delicious, messy, filthy, juicy meat  served with even tastier fries. All in all I really enjoyed the food but was sad to see that so much of the atmosphere had gone…

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