A Love Letter to Leeds

Leeds has been my home for the last few years, and now I’m making the move back to Manchester, it’s time for a little love letter to Leeds…

Oh Leeds, you little beauty.

The move to Leeds city centre was always going to be an emotional one. My life had been turned upside down pretty much overnight, and after an emotional Christmas and New Year (think Bridget Jones 1), I was ready for my new start and you were raring to go, palms outstretched wide. You wanted to pull me in and show me your messy underbelly, your gleaming lights, your stretches of green and sunshine.

Our first few months together were a whirlwind of drunken nights with the girls, intense days (and often nights) of work, bizarre dates, sweaty gym sessions and many moments of solitude. We had some of the best times I’ve ever had. You were the one place where I began to understand who I really was and what I wanted but the following things I’ll always remember you for…

Thank you Leeds, for giving me my two best friends and a background to create way too memories. I’d known the girls before I’d settled, but Leeds became the hive in which we created our mischief and the backdrop to countless ‘God I love you two’ moments.

Thank you Leeds, for giving me the perfect place for me to get my body,  fitness and mental stability back. Primal was unlike any gym I had ever been to and has given me a thirst and love for training that I doubt will ever leave me.

Thank you Leeds, for giving me the opportunity to meet the man I deserve. I’d never have matched with him had it not been for a local rugby match and my sweet little place in the centre. Now I’m shipping up and out to continue my journey with him, and that is one hell of an exciting change.

Yet most importantly of all, thank you for making me realise that regardless of what challenges are put in my way, and no matter how dark and unclear the future may seem, I’m strong enough to take things head on.

For that, dearest Leeds, I’ll come back to see you again!


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