3 Notes on Friends


Friends. They’re funny little things, aren’t they? People come and go in our lives, leaving their marks here and there. Touching our hearts in ways that we least expect. If there’s one thing the last six months have taught me, its that friends are that one source of support that we should never neglect. So here’s three notes on mine:

April Blues

Around April I had a little bit of a dip. I’d been quite positive up until that point but I had a few weeks where I was just generally down in the dumps. These two showed up uninvited armed with wine, flowers and giggles and for the first time in weeks, I was crying happy tears rather than the blue kind. I realised at that point, that aside from family, I invested so much love into my relationships with these girls because of their kind, genuine hearts and they gave it back tenfold when it really mattered.


Getting a flat all to myself has been so exciting.Whether I’ve been causing havoc with them or regaling my tales of mischief, I’ve had so much fun in the last six months. I’m incredibly grateful that a situation that could have been terrifying and lonely has been full of silly memories and lots of naughtiness!


I truly believe that everyone we meet in life is here to teach us lessons. Whether it be that you should really stop moping and get up off your bum, or that sometimes when you’re both sad the best thing to do is to cuddle and eat your weight in pizza, I’ve learnt a lot from these two characters. School’s never out when they’re around.

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