25 Things #2

Back in the day, ’50 Facts About Me’ posts did the rounds and unable to think of fifty things about myself, I wrote 25 things here. However, that was two years ago and since then a few more things have happened! As there’s been an abundance of beauty related posts this summer, I thought this might be a nice way to catch up!

1. After graduating, I went to work in social media and SEO
2. I’m now media executive at a really lovely media agency
3. Matt and I have been together just under five and a half years
4. We currently live with family whilst we save up for our own house
5. We’re aiming to buy our own place in the Spring of next year

6. I’m very organised and feel tense if things don’t go to plan
7. I’m definitely a morning person but love a good lie-in
8. I find it so hard to get motivated to exercise
9. Having said that, I always feel the best after exercising
10. I can get really obsessed with things, diet and exercise is no exception to this

11. The qualities that draw me to people are loyalty, sense of humour and their desire to make an effort
12. I think the most unattractive trait in a person is rudeness
13. I always need some time to myself after being around lots of people for a long period of time
14. When I’m nervous I get louder and appear more confident than I really am
15. My favourite past time other than blogging is swimming – being in the water is so calming

16. One of my favourite people died this year
17. I learnt after university that not everyone is meant to have lots of friends
18. I’m much closer to my family than I am any of my friends
19. The only person that I tell everything to is Matt
20. I’m good at keeping everyone else’s secrets, but terrible at keeping my own

21. I buy from ASOS every month, and look at the site at least twice a week!
22. Online shopping is my go-to apart from Boots, as the make-up counters are a cathartic treat
23. I can’t wait to get married and have children (although this will be a while yet!)
24. My blog is my favourite thing, but I always wish it got more interaction
25. I turn 23 in 29 days!

So there’s 25 things about me – have you done a similar post? Share your blog link in the comments below!


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