23 Lessons

Today I turn the grand age of 23, and what better way to celebrate than sharing 23 lessons learnt over the years…

1. Time is something we never have enough of, always make the most of every day
2. There’s not many moods that can’t be improved by Friends re-runs
3. Everyone you meet will teach you something, even if at the time you can’t see it
4. Style is an ever changing thing that will take years to nail
5. The balance of eating what you want and not putting on weight is an age old problem
6. The week after time off work is the worst
7. Sometimes in an argument, even though you’re right, it’s better to just let it go
8. Sometimes it’s easier to chuck a load of good stuff in the blender and drink it down

9. Hangovers become diminished with a good plate of beans and chips
10. The search for the best burger is a quest that never ends
11. The best amount of time to brew a teabag is precisely three and a half minutes
12. Any cuppa not made with Yorkshire tea will always be sub-standard
13. If you’re happy in your job 80% of the time you should definitely stay
14. Despite what we’re told, the messy hair look doesn’t look good on everyone
15. Texts sent after four alcoholic drinks are rarely a good idea
16. If you don’t look for things to criticise in others, you generally feel better about yourself

17. Jacket potatoes are much nicer when done in the microwave
18. If you go for a one-scoop ice cream you must have problems
19. Clothes sizes are just numbers and usually differ shop to shop
20. Time screen-free is a luxury that we rarely take the time to give to ourselves
21. Vodka. Never a good idea.
22. The air at the seaside has a magical ability to make you feel like a little kid
23. No matter how many birthdays you have, surprise presents are always the best

What life lessons have you learnt so far?

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