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2015 Year of Re-Discovery

2015. Even just attempting to sum up the year in one post is proving incredibly difficult but it’s probably best started in this way: 2015 was a topsy turvy, insidey outy type of year.

After coming to the end of my long term relationship, I was faced with lots of change. A new place to live, more free time on my hands, more responsibility at work, more opportunities to meet new people. It’s funny how big life changes give you two options – you either go with the flow, or you resist the change. I jumped in. Head first.

This summer has been full of travel, people, love. There’s been so much going on that I decided to take 2015 for myself, to not put pressure on myself to keep up my blog but instead find out who I was, and where I was going. So Summer was full of fun things –  I went to Dublin for St Paddy’s Day, I headed to Ibiza with the girls, I ploughed through Tinder and met a whole host of weird and wonderful people. I even met someone and had a little fling.

I’ve been very much living in the moment, taking stock of the situation every now and again but for the first time in years I’ve just bobbed about with the times. It’s refreshing not having plans, just seeing what opportunities that come about. Here’s some of my favourite things that happened in 2015 so far…


My family and I went to Bamburgh in Northumbria for a week for my dad’s birthday. A week of small boys, a hyperactive dog and a beautiful beach house by the sea was just what was needed after a manic few months at work. It’s such a calming place, and a super long walk on the beach with my dad was the perfect way to end the trip. My family are the single most important part of my life and who I am, this year has just reaffirmed that. Spending time with them has been a way to glue myself back together and remind myself about what is important.


I’m pretty sure there’s not a bar in Leeds I’ve not sunken way too many gins with this kid. I’ve never been the kid of gal to have a ‘best friend’ but when I met Phoebe, it felt like fate. We gelled instantly, and I’ve loved the way we’ve experienced the highs and lows of single (and slightly attached) life together this year.


I’ve given everything to my job this year. I was determined to get to where I wanted to be, and living on the doorstep of work meant that I could really push myself and try and fast track myself to where I wanted to be. I feel so passionate about what I do, but the chance to get a promotion and make proper friendships with people I work with has been one of the most important parts of 2015.

What have been your highlights this year?


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