The Crave Monster


I am a crave monster.

I’ve noticed a pattern in the way I snack that has lead me to assume said problem is a habit. Losing this habit takes some getting used to, but I’m slowly making progress (someone said habits take five weeks to get out of so we’ll see). The evil cravings usually come when I’m working (boredom) and after a meal (greediness). I’m not actually hungry but I think I’d previously got into the habit of having something sweet after a meal, or nibbling when I’m working away.

Want to hear something amazing though? I have a foolproof (well maybe foolproof is a slight exaggeration!) plan to conquer cravings:

1. Don’t keep the foods you frequently crave in the house. Trudging out in the rain, or having to spend money on a particular sweet fix always puts me off.

2. Wait at least twenty minutes before you give into your craving. Now I know because of lent I technically can’t give in, but the twenty minute wait is usually long enough for me to realise I’m already full and that I’m just being greedy.

3. Distract yourself. I’ve found that my cravings get worse the more attention I pay to them and so if you distract yourself with a something you can find yourself forgetting the craving.

4. Drink water and exercise. The endorphins released by exercise make you feel good and suppress your appetite. Moreover – who is going to want to ruin all their hard work for a few seconds of pleasure?

What do you find yourself craving? The Londoner’s anti-diet has a great section on cravings and what they mean so if you fancy checking it out click here!  

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