The Belkin Band

Whilst I detest those people that text whilst they’re in the gym – mr sat on the bike but not using it, I’m looking at you – the particular lack of pockets in most sportswear becomes an issue in la gym. Whilst I try to steer away from answering emails and scrolling instagram during my workout, my ipod has died a slow death and my phone has become my new source of music.

I recently got this Belkin sportsband* which solves all issues of pocket-less pants and irritating headphone wires. The band I have fits my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, but comes in lots of sizes to accommodate different phones. It has a velcro fasten which fits snugly around the arm, and although adjustable, the velcro is strong so it doesn’t shift when you’re exercising, perfectly matching the shape of your arm.

As you’d hope when bouncing around in the gym, my phone slots neatly into the band, with a lip which sits over the top and makes sure it can’t fall out. The lip over the top has a hole for your headphones too which keeps them secure.

My major concern before the band arrived was how easy it would be to wash, but it can be easily hand washed, and dries super quick, making it an ideal gym buddy.

The only downside to the band is because it keeps your phone so snug, it isn’t easy to keep getting out and changing the track. Which is a positive in the sense that it stops me from being tempted to mess about on my phone rather than exercise, but annoying if you want to change the track. I’d rather be confident that my phone wasn’t going to fall out when I’m exercising though, and as I listen to a playlist it doesn’t pose too much of a problem. All in all, it’s a handy tool that makes listening to music in the gym easy when you don’t have pockets.

Have you got any products that make your exercise routine easier?


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