Staying Healthy in Winter

Perhaps this post is a little ironic as I’ve literally been ill a million times and we aren’t even into the real cold weather. Anyway, I have some tips for staying healthy and battling the illness, which inevitably tries to attack me when the weather turns colder.

Drink lots of juice/water. Not only will it keep you hydrated and help battle dry skin, any infections that you may have picked up will get flushed out of your system faster. If you drink lots of water this flushing out will help prevent infections (like the two I’ve had!) from developing into proper illnesses that will stop you from going about life as normal. Doing something as simple as drinking a glass of cordial every hour will help keep your system flushed and your body hydrated!

Vitamins and supplements. I like to take these vitamins, which have cod liver oil and multivitamins in one tablet. I take these all year round but taking them in winter really makes a difference. I also like to take some Berrocca if I’m starting to feel ill, because it has four times the amount of vitamin c required.  It gives your immune system a great boost and helps push you back into the healthy range!


Exercise. I know the thought of exercising when it it cold outside isn’t ideal but keeping your body fit and healthy will help keep your immune system up and bat away any illness that it trying to creep into your system!

Wrap up warm. Kind of obvious, but I always find it surprising how many people go out not dressed appropriately and then proceed to hack their way through the next few weeks.


Sleep. Our bodies are programmed to sleep longer in the colder months, but I always find it hard to get into a proper sleep routine with university. Having said that, getting the required 8 hours (or ten as I prefer!) is so important, because if you’re sleepy and run down you’re basically letting your body weaken.


Stress. Another tip I need to learn. I let myself get stressed way too often, usually due to the amount of work I have to do and lack of free time. I’m one of those people that just likes getting jobs done, even if it means missing out on sleep or sitting at the laptop for a whole week. I know it isn’t good as stress usually leads to me being run down and sniffly, so avoiding stress and trying to keep organised can only help.

What are your top tips for keeping healthy in winter?

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