My progress so far & motivation for you.

Are you happy? I mean, really happy with yourself? I wasn’t and still am not. Since leaving sixth form and going to university I had put on about 30 pounds… which is about two stone and two pounds. As I only have a small frame this made me look like I’d doubled in size! I was determined to lose it safely and sensibly when I started my second year. I’m about halfway there now, it has taken me about four months to lose fourteen pounds and I’m going to use my ‘fitness friday’ theme blog posts to tell you how I did it, and, to help you realise that if you’re not happy with yourself there is little cause for you to feel that way.

Why wasn’t I happy? Most of the women that I speak to about this usually say that their insecurities about their bodies comes from negative behaviour or comments from somebody else. Why should we let ourselves feel bad about things we should be proud about just because someone has been negative about it? The first step to losing weight or getting fitter is that altering the way you speak about yourself, and ergo the way you feel. My reasoning… if you consistently point out the “fat” bits, the “wobbly” bits, the “ugly” parts – then you’re losing time that you could be spending discovering things you actually like about your body.
I don’t love my body, there is a lot of things I would like to change. However, I try to refer to them as areas that I want to tone, or aspects that I have to grow to love because i can’t change them. I’ve realised the difference between wanting to be thinner and wanting to be fitter. It works the other way too, if you find that your slender frame upsets you and you wish you had more curves, discover what you do like about your body, and then research what exercises can improve the areas you aren’t happy about and work on that. The most important thing to remember is that you should only ever get fitter for yourself and not because someone has made you feel like you’re not good enough, or you don’t look good enough.
Your focus should be on being the healthiest and strongest that you can, and then I promise that the self confidence comes along with it. Don’t “diet” to fit into an ideal, get fit and develop a healthy lifestyle to develop a long and happy relationship with yourself!

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