“I can’t wear that”


 Skinny jeans. Body con dresses and skirts. Shorts. Jeans. Cropped tops. Bikinis. 
We all have those clothing items that we steer away from. We might not even realise that we are doing it, it might just be a subconscious voice inside our head that prevents us from even considering certain styles of clothing, or certain bits of clothing.
Since I’ve been on a health kick, I’ve gained more confidence, and found myself breaking out of bad clothing habits. As it turns out, I had a huge long list of things I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to wear – but why?! I’d given myself some self imposed bans on a multitude of beautiful clothes just because I felt they didn’t suit me, or didn’t look right.
I’m not saying that I’m past all of that now, and of course there is days where I don’t fancy wearing something tight and figure hugging. However, I’m beginning to realise that the image I see in the mirror is not the size that I actually am, and that by restricting what I can wear I’m restricting my potential confidence. 
I find that by accepting your good features, and trying to focus on them – you find yourself concentrating less on the negative things that pull you down. For example, whilst I might not like wearing shorts because I don’t like showing off my legs – I’ll look for another piece of clothing, like a dress, that covers me up a bit more but still helps me build up my confidence to show them off.
Why is this important? I seriously think that too many girls get hung up about what they can and can’t wear, letting what ‘sizes’ the media portray as correct rule their judgement. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should wear what you want to wear, and you’ll probably find that once you release some of the hang ups you have, you’ll feel a lot more confident and happy in your style choices!

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