Gym Bag

The new gym membership has started. The bag is packed and has experienced the sweet meeting of sweaty kit. Here’s the treats you’ll find inside my gym bag.

absolutely love my Nike Free Run trainers, they keep me feeling supported and secure whether I’m on the leg press machine on jogging on the treadmill. Yes they’re dirty but I’m keeping it real here! The re-introduction of the gym into my routine makes the wishlist for trainers longer than ever, but in the meantime these bright beauties keep my feet nice and comfortable.

I’ve got some new gymwear ordered but I love my two short pairs of leggings from MPG. Being vertically challenged, the three quarter styles are the best length for my short frame. These suck me in without making me feel all tight and uncomfortable.

No-one wants Orangutan titties so good support is obviously key. I love Shock Absorber’s offerings but not the price tag, so picked up this little beauty in the sale. It’s a little more exciting than your bog standard sports bra but keeps your lady lumps nice and tight… and definitely away from your belly button.

Luckily my gym gives us towels so I don’t have to lug one around with me, I do however need a costume to keep me streamlined (!) in the pool. As someone who has loved swimming since forever, you develop brand loyalty when it comes to costumes. Speedo all. the. way. Goggles are from Adidas.

My ipod has decided its life has come to an end, so I’ve been relying on my phone for tune-age. I also mentioned in this post about fitness apps that I use certain workout apps for inspiration, so I’ve been relying on my Belkin armband to keep my phone in place. I’ve got a detailed review here, but essentially it keeps my phone secure and dry whilst I workout, and is machine washable which helps keep it fresh!

Toiletries-wise I keep it simple by putting my shampoo, conditioner, body wash in small containers. This means I have to keep refilling them, but is the best option when I got to the gym before work and don’t want to add unnecessary weight to my bag. I always take a slimmed down version of my make-up bag as I go before work and like to look remotely presentable for the rest of the day!

The bag itself is a Nike duffel bag, and I bought it from my usual online pitstop, ASOS. It is roomy enough to keep all my kit (and a towel if I needed one), is light and has a separate zipped section for little things like hair bobbles, a pound for the lockers, my keys etc. It’s the ideal bag for keeping my stuff secure, and isn’t too heavy so I’m not left dragging it onto the train after a long day.

So there’s the contents of my gym bag! What would I find if I looked inside yours?

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