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I’m wanting to get a gym membership when i get my next student loan. I’m craving some cardio workouts!

In the meantime, I’m keeping up with my Blogilates workouts (aim is for 4-5 a week, 45-80 minute workouts)

I recently got asked which videos I actually do, because Cassey has SO MANY videos! So I just thought I’d talk you through which videos I like best!


These are really quick, snappy videos that you can do. You can do a whole bunch of them, or use them to break up the longer videos that you might do:

Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge – I used to find this really hard, but now I can fit it in quite easily. Seriously, the first time I tried this video I couldn’t even finish it! I like it because you get quite a lot of squats done in a short space of time.

Drive By Inner Thigh Challenge – I usually end on this exercise, it sounds lazy but you get to basically lie on your back, so it’s a nice change! I’d say this is one of the easier challenges.

Glad You Came Calves Challenge – This is a really simple move which absolutely kills, especially with the weights added. Make sure you stretch properly after too, or you’ll be hobbling round like a robot for the next few days!

Abs All Night Challenge – this started off realy hard, but gets easier the more you do it. A lot of the longer ab videos have the eagle crunch in (the move you do in this challenge), so it is good to get it down!

What Makes You Bootyful Challenge – this seems really easy when you’re doing the pelvic thrusts until you have to do the pelvic thrusts with one of your legs in the air… your bum will burn like no-body’s business!

Pilates Bootcamp Series

I really like this series, the videos are probaly on average about fifteen minutes. Even though I’ve done them loads of times they always leave me aching the next day, and they are so effective!

My favourite in the series is the Abtacular workout

Sculptacular Pilates Workout – is really hard if you struggle with your core. It has exercises based around the ‘boat’ position (basically balancing on your bottom, whilst you lean back and have your legs in the air), which, if you have a bad lower back (like I used to), are pretty hard. I always try keep up with Cassey but this one I find really hard!

Butt lift Workout – Again, quite difficult but the more you do it, the easier it is to have good form and do the moves properly.

Sculpted Back – this gave me really visible results in a really short amount of time. It also incorporates some really new and interesting moves!

Super Shaper Pilates – This hits every part of your body, and really leaves you feeling like you’ve has a full body workout!

Fabulous Flat Abs – Another one of my favourites, I really like the moves… the earthquake move at the end is a killer though!


Cassey recently brought out the Spring Fling 2 Part Series: Toning and Fat Loss. They’re really fun and she’s really energetic in them! These only came out last week so I’ve only done them a few times but each time I’ve been so sore the next day!

Bikini -Blaster 4 Awesomesauce Arms – this is quite a long video but it gives you a really good arm workout, and all of the moves are easy to grasp.

Pick-Me-Up Quickie Workout – the first Blogilates video I ever did! The fact that I still do it tells me that it’s fun and as the name suggests – pretty much hits your whole body really quickly!

I hope you’ve found this interesting! Let me know if you like posts like this and I’ll do more!

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