5 Fitness Apps

Everyone is busy. Work, family, friends are essential factors in everyday life, which means that the ability to fit fitness into the everyday becomes increasingly difficult.

So many fitness apps and time-saving tools are available that it can become quite difficult to decide which ones to use. There’s five fitness apps that make tracking my fitness, improving my lifestyle and keeping motivated whilst I try (and often fail) to balance all the important parts of my life much easier.

1. Myfitnesspal

I’ve written about myfitnesspal before, but essentially it is an app that allows the tracking of your food consumption a la a food diary, and an exercise log which can be synced up to any devices you might have like a fitbit. I know calorie counting and food diaries don’t work for everyone, but I find it quite difficult to make sure I eat the right amount of calories when I’m exercising.

Last year I lost around two stone using this app, which essentially made me realise I needed to eat more, and more of certain foods. It breaks down the nutritional value of the meals that you’re eating
(plus you can create your own recipes, which it stores for next time). I started to realise that a lot of my ‘healthy’ meals with low calories included a lot of sugar, and so started to find different ways in which I could eat nutritional food, feel full and still lose weight.  For a free app, you get a lot of great features, and if you’re wanting to understand what you’re burning off when you exercise, and what you’re putting into your body, the its a great mobile log to help you stay on track.

2. Sworkit pro

This app isn’t free, but when you consider the bulk of information you get it in one little app, it’s a purchase worth the money. Sworkit pro is an app that has a variety of different workout plans, whether you want to focus on yoga & stretching, or strength & cardio. The pro version also has the ability to build custom workouts which I think is particularly important as different things work for different people.

The app breaks down the exercises you can do by parts of the body, intensity, and time length and is really great for making sure your exercises in either the gym or at home are kept varied and interesting. This is especially key if you have an exercise routine, as I always find that it can be demotivating if you know you’re going to the gym to do the same twenty minutes on the treadmill, fifteen on the rower etc…

3. Yoga

For those that aren’t all about the sweaty, boob-bouncy gym workouts, yoga is a sweet little app. With 289 free poses and breathing exercises, yoga has a huge library of yoga poses, each of which has a form diagram, a video guide to talk you through and visually guide you on how to move through the pose.

The yoga app also has 37 yoga programs, which are organised via goal, duration and body part. If you’re not keen to head to a class and instead just want some quality guidance in the safety of your own home, then this is a great free app!

4. Blogilates

Blogilates is another at-home hero, an neat app that makes Cassey’s workout videos, nutritional recipes, fitness forum and more all available from your device.  Blogilates is essentially a workout class from your phone or ipad, which means that if that kind of exercise guidance works for you, it’s really great for motivating you through exercises and keeping you going when you reaaaally want to stop because it burns.

5. Elevate

Elevate is a brain training app that provides you with daily tests to increase your ability in certain tasks. It does this through a series of games and tests to help you improve your abilities in communication, processing information and more.

Although this app isn’t related to physical fitness, the brain is the most important organ in our body. Whilst it is important to feed my body with the right nutrition, and exercise it using the best fitness methods, I always think that exercising the brain is just as important. It obviously depends on your fitness goals, but as my goal is to just be the best I can possibly be in all areas of my life, this app is a great way to keep my brain engaged and working hard for a few minutes of the day – and keeps me more productive when I would usually be scrolling through instagram or playing Candy Crush!

Which apps keep you on track and motivated?


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