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It is completely normal to be unmotivated. After finishing my exams (yesterday – yey!) I’ve been finding it hard to get motivated back into exercising. I took a little break whilst revising as I was shattered all the time (if you were wondering!). I figured a few of you might be in the same boat, and if you aren’t the lack of motivation to exercise hits us all at some point!

Eliminate the negatives –  If you use a logical, not emotional, approach to failures (like caving and having that last piece of cake) then you can solve them whilst still remaining positive.

Mix it up – I’ve already done a more detailed post here, but by mixing strength and cardio workout you’ll see better and quicker results – as well as stopping yourself from getting bored.

Know your limits – If you keep targets and goals realistic, then you are more likely to achieve on a regular basis and less likely to have setbacks.

Don’t overload on rescue remedy – Adrenaline is something that gives your workouts that extra performance boost so don’t try and combat the nerves.

Think small – Similar to knowing your limits, finding the smaller steps within your main goal allows you to review your progress regularly.

Exercise with friends – Surrounding yourself with people you feel comfortable with will put you at ease, as well as making exercise seem less like a chore! Plus, I’ve read stuff recently that says the subtle competition makes you try harder?!

Remember to relax – You are allowed off days! If you’d prefer to work out every day, have easier and harder days so that your body is still having a rest but you are still giving it a work out.

Wear a bright hue – We all know that different colours have the power to influence our moods. Bright colours make us feel energised and pumped so great for exercise!

Reward yourself – Treating yourself to something that you’ve wanted for a long time gives yourself an incentive other that your fitness goal, it could be something really small and cheap or something substantial and big but either way you’re giving yourself something else to aim towards.

Don’t underestimate the power of music – finding music that motivates you and makes you work faster/harder is invaluable. You could create a playlist that motivates you and helps you maintain the effort throughout your workout!

What do you use to motivate you?

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