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The lovely people at Wahanda got in touch with my last week to offer me a voucher to spend on their website. I’d never heard of them before and now I have I am hooked!

A bit about the brand.

Wahanda describe themselves as an Online home for health, beauty and wellness – providing a comprehensive list of spas, salons and health centre across the globe. When I was booking my treatment they had 12,167 deals, 42,826 venues and 3,591 practitioners in the UK. They have a ‘community‘ section with tips and a helpful question and answer section too.

Does what it says on the tin?

Wahanda is great because it is basically a huge catalog of details broken down into spa days/spa breaks/hair/face/nails/body/massage/fitness. I love it how you can narrow the search down to your particular area and it is really easy to use – you just buy the voucher and then book your treatments with the spa.

I opted for the ‘Time for Myself’ spa day at the Bannatyne Spa on Quay Street in Manchester. I have a few positives and negatives about my experience, which I’ll tell you about now:

TREATMENTS: My treatments were really lovely. For £49 I got a 30 minute neck, shoulder and back massage, an Elemis modern facial and full use of all of the facilities. I had my treatments booked for lunchtime and intended on staying for the rest of the afternoon. The woman who did my treatments was really lovely, took her time to explain the products she was using and the benefits of each. Whilst some people may see this as a sales pitch, it was interesting to hear what she had to say – for example she told me that people with dry skin (like myself) tend to lather on thick moisturisers but these actually can imbalance the oil and water levels in the skin causing skin that has two extremes – lots of oily and clogged patches with intense patches of dryness. She also told me about the importance of toning my skin but suggested that many have alcohol levels that actually dry the skin and so it is best to avoid those.

FACILITIES: I was actually quite disappointed by the way the staff treated me when I got to the spa. Instead of giving me the robe and slippers that I was supposed to be handed, and instead of asking if I had any questions the woman on the desk shoved a form in my hand and told me to go down to the spa. Unfortunately this meant I had no idea where anything was, how it worked or what classes were on etc. It also meant that when I went to use the facilities later I was the only one without a robe or anything on my feet!

This meant that after my treatments I had to go up into reception to get a padlock for my locker and to ask for information… with a hair full of oil and a shiny face. I’m not particularly vain so I didn’t really mind but I expected nicer treatment on my arrival, and I felt a bit uncomfortable having to up into the busy reception area when all I wanted to do was swim.

The female changing rooms were clean, and had everything you could want including a nice bright hair and make-up area with lots of room. The changing rooms had their own sauna, steam room, sunbeds and showers which was great. However, the changing rooms lacked private cubicles. This didn’t bother me but I know some people might not like getting naked in front of a lot of random women (it was very busy too!). The pool, jacuzzi and steam rooms were really nice, kept clean and up to a high standard. The actual design of the pool area is really lovely too, and you can tell that they look after the area well!

To buy or not to buy?

I loved my treatments and the facilities but all of the staff (apart from the beautician) were quite rude and unhelpful. This kind of put a downer on the experience as the spa itself suffers from a confusing design and had the staff been more helpful it would have been easier to find your way around.

However, I would book more beauty treatments there. Perhaps because I’ve been before and know what to expect I would feel more comfortable using the facilities but the staff should really have been more professional.

As I said, I found about the deal through Wahanda and I know from now on that I will never book directly with a salon or beauticians ever again! It is so much easier to use the website to find the cheapest deals, as well as using the site to compare value for money with other deals. I’m very grateful that I’ve found a spa that does good quality treatments and a website that lets me know about all of the deals nearby. I often find it hard to find deals at hairdressers (I’ve yet to find ‘my‘ hairdressers) so next time I’m due for a cut I’ll be able to use the site to find hairdressers in Manchester –  somewhere new to try!

I’m thinking of getting some treatments done before my 21st so I’ll be heading to the site to find out what is on offer in my area! I’m thinking about getting some lashes…? Have you got any treatment suggestions?

What do you think? Would you ever use a website such as Wahanda to find deals?

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  • Dionne

    June 11, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    That sounds like something I need! I could do with a spa treatment soo bad! I'll definitely be checking out this website.
    It's a shame about the rude receptionist, there's always one!

  • Lizzie

    June 11, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    I would be wary of any spa with terrible customer service. When you're paying lots of chill out you want everything to be really good! I've had similar experiences in UK spas. They're not always rude, just a bit vague/unhelpful and not especially friendly. I like people who are nice and smiley!
    As for the eyelashes thing I'm not really sure. My friend had it done once and all her eye lashes fell out. (It WAS a long time ago.) But still, I've always been a tad wary due to the bald eyelid 'incident' (to which it's now referred.) If you decide to go for it I'd choose one that's recommended by a beauty blogger. (Should be easy to find online!) I've seen some people get it done and they look amazing. xx

  • Hannah

    June 11, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Haha oh god. That sounds terrifying! I've heard some people have had good results so i'm sure they can't all be bad! I agree with you about basic customer service… It is their job! I bet spas abroad are so much nicer! X

  • Kat Horrocks

    June 24, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    I went to the Bannatyne Spa for my 18th with my best friends 🙂 we got a special deal on Wahanda too, we got to choose between either the facial or the massage and we all got the massage. The woman at the reception was nice enough, she left us to sit down with our bags whilst we filled the forms in. We were chatting away for a while because we hadn't seen each other in ages, so when we'd finished with the forms she let us into this 'quiet room' for 10 minutes where we could have a lie down (random but very nice) and chat. We actually used the facilities before having our treatment, and when checking in I made sure by saying "we'll be using the gym/pool beforehand" which she said was fine :/ maybe it was a different member of staff. Glad you enjoyed your treatment though! xxx


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