The Summer ’14 Face

Summer face stuff is simple in my world. Keep it light, keep it barely there. However, whilst I don’t want my face weighed down with a whole load of product, I don’t want to bare each pore to the unsuspecting world.

The latest combination of products keep my face looking peachy throughout the hotter days, withstanding the blasts of warm heat outside and the chill of an air conditioned office. Here’s the rundown of the products that are keeping me Summer happy:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – It wouldn’t be a post about summer make-up if good ol’ healthy mix didn’t get a mention. A light, fruit foundation that gives dewy skin in a bottle – what’s not to love? I’ve been combining this beauty with MaxFactor’s Colour Adapt Foundation, which I have a review on here. It has more of a matte finish, which is a lifesaver in the heat – anyone that tells you a shiny nose is a good look is lying to you.

MaxFactor’s Mastertouch Concealer is a little wind-up present from heaven (the base has a wind up motion if I sound like I’m speaking gibberish); a super blendable formula that hides away the tell-tale dark circles from a restless night’s sleep in a clammy room.

Peepers are kept wide with the help of a curl from Shu Uemura and a lick of mascara from MaxFactor’s 2000 Calorie Mascara. It’s no prize winner in my books but doesn’t budge all day and has been keeping me suitably happy over the past few months (seriously… when will this product run out?!)

Brows are bolder thanks to my new favourite find – Maybelline Brow Drama – review here. It’s easy to apply and is mega flexible, plus don’t tell me you don’t want to perfect your open mouthed mascara application by adding your brows into the mix…

Cheekbones come courtesy of NYX Matte Bronzer, which is slightly orange for my transparent skin in winter, but a touch of sun makes a swipe of this acceptable. Blended over my temples and under my non-existent cheekbones and voila – three pounds lighter.

If you know me by now you’ll know that I change my blusher choices as many times as I have hot dinners, but recently the one to steal my make-up marked heart is No7’s Natural Blush in Coral Flush. Newsflash: No7 have really been impressing me with their current offerings, I feel a whole post dedicated to their greatness coming soon…

What products have you been loving at the moment? Have you got any seasonal wonder products I should know about?

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