Spring Smoke

It’s no secret I’m fond of a smoked-out eye, however when the weather starts to brighten up I always feel like giving one of my favourite looks a shake up.

Grey is a great way to add a smoky eye to your Spring make-up repertoire for a subtle eye look. I also spotted some shades in a palette I got for Christmas – the Seventeen Large Eye Palette.  Whilst I couldn’t find it on the net, this look uses simple grey shadows so it can easily be recreated!

Here’s a quick look at the palette and a rundown of how I created this simple look.

Add a light grey shade across the whole of your lid up to your crease and on your inner tear duct area.

Next add a slightly darker grey shade across the lid, focusing the majority of your application on the outer third of your eye.

Next, I used an MUA Single eyeshadow in the shade, which has a slight blue glitter running through it. I usually use a matte shadow on a lighter smoky eye for depth but this shadow is surprisingly pigmented for such a cheap shadow so it works quite well. Apply the darkest shadow, in this case, in the shape of a V from the crease out and across the upper lash line.

Next I added grey eyeliner. The Daniel Sandler Velvet Eyeliner (£9.25 here) is amazing for its pigmentation and ease of application. It is also really soft, just gliding across the lashline effortlessly. I always prefer wearing lighter shades like grey on the lashline as it looks much softer whilst still adding definition.

Next, curl your eyelashes and add a few lashes of mascara. I opted for Perfekt Lash Perfection Gel which annoyingly takes ages to dry but has really nice hold. It has primer, conditioner and colour all in one product, so it is worth the wait for it to dry! You can get it for £16.32, here.

Like most of my Spring make-up,  I kept the rest of this look toned down with a subtle nude pink lipstick and a subtle peachy pink on the cheeks. I used a No7 Blusher Natural Tint blusher in Soft Damson (£8 – here) because it applies so seamlessly into my skin that you can get a natural looking flush from it.

What look do you find yourself wearing in Spring?

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