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 So pretty much everyone and their dog has a Clarisonic, or that is what it seemed like a few months ago when Clarisonic Youtube videos and blog posts were aplenty. I was interesting in trying this skincare especially as I had problems with my skin, but I didn’t want to spend £150/£120 on something that might not agree with me.

I’m going to do a different ‘review’ layout to usual because I want to go into more detail! (I do hope you don’t mind).

The brush head

The sonicleanse comes with two brush heads and a form to get more spares
should you need them.

The bristles are fairly light on the skin and they rotate  at a high frequency to clear pores, combat oily areas, get rid of dry patches and to give you a deep down exfoliation.

It comes with two speeds, the second of which is a bit pointless. I just used it on the highest speed, twice a day.

The sonicleanse beeps three times, as a suggestion for you to move onto another part of your face.

After using the brush you’ll be surprised by how much make-up (if you wear it!) comes off your face after your normal cleansing routine. The brush leaves your face smooth and clean.

Battery life

The battery life on this product is amazing! You have to charge it for twenty four hours when you get it, but since then it lasted a month before needing to be recharged. It is charged via a cradle which plugs into the mains. As it has such a great battery life I would have no problems taking this product travelling with me.

Compatibility with cleanser

I used my First Aid Beauty cleanser with the sonicleanse, which I reviewed here. The cleanser is not particularly foamy and so it worked well with the sonicleanse, if you usually use a foaming cleanser I can imagine it would probably be a bit too much with the sonicleanse.

Problem skin?
Before using the sonicleanse my skin had the following problems:

  • Eczema on my lower jaw and eyelid area.
  • Sensitivity on my cheeks
  • Oiliness in my t-zone
Since using the sonicleanse all of these problems have been reduced, as well as an increased bonus of having super soft skin and much clearer pores. I don’t usually get loads of breakouts but now I hardly get any, and when I do they are much less horrific and usually die within a day.

Purging stage?
Apparently when you start using these products you are supposed to experience a ‘purging’ stage in which all of the ‘toxins’ come out of your skin and cause mass breakouts. Now, if I am completely honest when I first started using the sonicleanse I didn’t get more breakouts than normal, but more like my pores looked even more clogged. Rather than stopping, I carried on and realised that this was probably just because of the deeper exfoliation than I was used to.

I was actually more bothered about getting sore skin as my skin is quite dry and sensitive but the sonicleanse has actually helped me get control of my dry skin and go some way as to solving the aforementioned problems. Perhaps if your skin is oily then you would experience more breakouts but to be completely honest I think that would be a small price to pay for the improvement you would see in the long run.

Is it a Clarisonic dupe?
The honest answer is… perhaps. I’ve not tried a Clarisonic so I can’t say 100%, but I can say that I don’t feel the need to get a Clarisonic because this works just fine for me. Some reviews that I have read have expressed disdain at the lack of choice for heads – the deeper exfoliation and sensitive ones that come with the Clarisonic for example, but I think that this offers me a deeper cleansing that my usual ‘hand’ technique.

If I want a deeper exfoliation, I like using scrubs so I’m not too bothered about the lack of deeper exfoliation heads, and as I am prone to sensitive skin I think using a deeper exfoliating head would probably be bad for me.* As my skin is extra sensitive and I found this head was fine for me I don’t mind about the lack of sensitive head either. However, if this is a dealbreaker – I’m pretty sure that Rio will bring out some changeable heads in the near future if they are to continue competing with brands like Clarisonic so watch this space!

*I’ve also read lots of reviews on the exfoliating Clarisonic heads in which people have said that their skin has reacted badly to them and that they are too harsh

The product ranges from £47 to £50, and I would say that this is a fair pricing. A Clarisonic may be more expensive and may be better, but I am perfectly happy with this cheaper option. A product that is around £50 is still considered expensive by myself, but the results have exceeded my expectations! For those that think it is a lot of effort – it literally takes around a minute and it has become a habit to use it daily now!

I’ve tried to cover the areas I was unsure about before I bought it, but if you have any questions just leave them below and I’ll get back to you! What do you think, do you have a sonicleanse/clarisonic? Would you buy a product like this?

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