Snip Snip

I told you this was going to happen! Ah voilà… World, meet my new ‘do.Do you like it? I really fancied something much shorter as I mentioned in my last hair post I was getting a bit sick of having to put a whole night aside to wash and dry my hair (I used to think that was just a saying too).

This new cut is much more manageable, with the ombre on the ends meaning I won’t have to have it redone constantly, and the shape and cut balancing out the thickness of my hair into something more comfortable.

The centre parting was something I wasn’t 100% sure of, but I’m really pleased I went for it. I feel like my face is framed much more, plus side fringes grow out within a week or so on me!

What have you been up to this week? Do you like the new ‘do? 

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