Phillip Kingsley One More Day

Phillip Kingsley One More Day  £13.50 at LookFantastic

I was so sure that I’d posted about this, but having looked through my blog posts I can see I haven’t! Philip Kingsley One More Day has by far been my most used product over the last few months. It was a holiday must-have, and more often than not a pre-work essential in the mornings.

I tend to need dry shampoo. I refuse to wash my hair every day as not only is it a menial task but it just takes so flippin’ long.  This is when I tend to reach for the dry shampoo, as much as I love the freshly-washed feeling, it isn’t always practical when you’ve got a busy life.

I absolutely love this dry shampoo, it isn’t too pricey and doesn’t give that tell-tale ash head that some dry shampoos (*cough* batiste *cough*) can sometimes give you. It has a really nice fresh scent too, which almost replicates the swish of freshly washed hair. Unlike another dry shampoo I’ve tried recently (post on that soon), it left my hair feeling fresh and not coated or masked by the powder.

If you’re looking for a pro little product that’ll get you through those greasy days then this is the product for you!

What’s your favourite bad-hair-day saviour?

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