Origins Mega Mushroom Serum

A good serum can work wonders. Aggressive redness and a load of itchy annoyance can sometimes only be calmed down with a comforting serum. I tried the mega-mushroom offering from Origins as the sides of my cheeks had been really inflamed and itchy, and the serum promised to calm irritation.

A grey coloured liquid, you only need two pumps to cover your whole face. Whilst quite pricey (£44 here), it has really done a great job of injecting my skin with some much-needed calm and moisture. As a self-proclaimed mushroom hater, I was worried the serum was going to smell really strong, but the scent is quite subtle – rather fresh and light and most unlike the slimy ingredient’s usual characteristics!

I’ve been teaming this with the Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask, which creates such a good dynamic duo I’d definitely recommend trying both of them. After using Mega Mushroom for just over two months, I’ve noticed a considerable reduction in the redness of my skin, my skintone has become much more even and any flare ups I get vanish overnight. A must try for sure!

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