OPI Nail Envy Review Palindrome Poppet

OPI Nail Envy

If you’ve seen the original OPI Nail Envy, you’re probably wondering why mine is orange! I treated myself to OPI Nail Envy just before Christmas, after struggling with growing my nails. After pretty much spending my whole teenage years biting my nails, they often peel and are very sensitive.

The orange OPI is supposed to be a more sensitive formula, fortified with kuki nut oil, vitamin E and aloe vera to help combat peeling and sensitivity. Like the original Nail Envy, this polish is supposed to help nails grow faster, stronger and healthier.

After the past few weeks being quite stressful, I’ve annoyingly bitten them so will be reusing this beauty to help restore them back to their longer self. My favourite thing about this product is how quickly it dries, and how quickly you start seeing results. With daily application, I usually see considerable growth and improvement in strength within one to two weeks.

At around £18 (here) it’s not the cheapest of nail products but I’d really recommend it. It gives great results in a short amount of time and also works really well as a base polish to maintain the results after you’ve grown them.

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