No7 Melting Gel Cleanser

If there’s one thing I can never stop trying, it is new cleansers. The quest for perfectly clean, supple and moisturised skin is an ongoing mission of which I will probably be on for the rest of my life.

This Melting Gel Cleanser from No7 is the latest trial product in this journey, a surprisingly pleasant find that makes night-time cleansing feel akin to a spa treatment. Luxuriously thick and silky, this golden gel smooths across the face and melts away all traces of make-up.

Its powers extend to reducing waterproof mascara to a black liquid smear, and grabbing foundation from every crease of my face with little scrubbing or effort. If you’re anything like me you’d expect these cleansing properties to come with (not) additional benefits such as drying out the skin, itchiness around the eyes and an a magnetic-like ability to cling to your face…

 It transforms from a gel into a soothing oil as you smooth it across your face, making skincare-time just that little bit more luxurious.Although this cleanser is really good at pulling away your make-up, as soon as water hits it, it transforms into a milky white liquid. This not only makes getting rid of the cleanser a breeze, but also means you’re not rubbing at your skin with a cloth to get rid of every trace.

If you’ve not ventured into the realms of No7’s skincare offering, I’d definitely recommend it – you can get it for £9.50 here.

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