Neal’s Yard Rose Facial Oil

Even though I have dry skin, I’ve always been put off using facial oils for fear that they’d leave me feeling greasy. There’s always the worry that oils are too heavy or rich for my skin as it can be super sensitive. However, this little wonder product was a gift for my birthday and its safe to say a must-have product if you have dry skin.
As it’s a Neal’s Yard product, I automatically have high expectations. The price tag and quality of every product I’ve tried from them (slowly making my way through every range) is never anything less than spectacular.

This facial oil is no different. It absorbs really quickly, and rather than old grandma’s rose perfume, it has a fresh, floral scent. As a natural product, it’s not crammed with loads of nasty perfumes meaning it does the job it’s meant to – moisturising!

After a couple of months using this oil, a couple of drops massaged into the skin after cleansing, I’ve noticed a really substantial difference in the moisture and overall balance of my skin tone. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re looking for something easy to use and simple to shake up your skin routine.

You can get it for £20, here on the Neal’s Yard website. You get 30ml in a bottle which is a hell of a lot of product, considering you only need a couple of drops per use!

Do you use facial oils? Do you have any recommendations of others to check out?

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