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Nail Hero Trio

As a recovered nail biter, I’m all about products that inject life into my previously nibbled nubs. Now sporting something a little longer, I like to use the same products that helped me grow my nails to now maintain the condition and strength of them.

There’s a trio of hero products that are a constant favourite, which I thought I’d share with you today.

The orange Nail Envy is essentially the same do-good ingredient packed, overnight nail wonder as the green version, with a few booster ingredients for sensitive nails. Obviously years of biting have done their damage, meaning that whilst my nails still grow, they’re often weak and peeling. Regular use of this polish has helped make my nails stronger and longer. When my nails need a boost I use this, often using it as a base coat before applying other polishes.

Cuticles confuse me. After reading that you shouldn’t cut them (it makes them grow back thicker) I started using this Nailtiques Cuticle gel which softens them and makes the whole nail prep process much easier.

Ever wanted a rich, thick and creamy hand cream that doesn’t leave you feeling as though you’ve scooped your hand through a pot of lard? The Laidbare cream is the one. A light sunflower scent and super soaking ability makes it the perfect day to night companion. Whether it is sat on my desk for daytime application, or kept by my bedside for a night-time slather, its the ideal product.

So there you have it, my nail care hero products – a trio of delights.

What do you use to maintain your nails? What are your wonder products for healthy talons?


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