Long Locks Loves

I’ll let you in on a secret. By the end of this week by long locks will be snipped and I’ll be sporting a whole new kinda do. The time has come for a drastic mane overhaul, as for the past three/four years I’ve been growing out a super short bob – which, fyi I got after chopping off all my lock locks (I’ll never learn).

I do love having long hair but the thickness of it makes it an absolute pain in the butt, especially when it comes to things like exercising and hot days. I can’t wait to gain a whole chunk of time back that is usually spent washing and drying heaps of hair!

Anyway, I thought seeing as I’ve grown out a bob once quite successfully, I’d share some of my favourite hair treatments/tips:

Heat is best avoided. 

I always found that the ends of my long hair were more vulnerable to split ends, so I’d wash it once every other day/two days if I could get away with it. This meant less need to straighten it and less need to blast it with the hairdryer. Less heat = happier hair.

Hair oils are great.

You just need to be careful which ones you use, as silicones in a lot of hair oils just coat your ends rather than repairing them. Particular favourites of mine (linked) include the Seven Wonders Miracle Oil – £15 and the slightly more pricey Pure Argan Oil at £25.

D.I.Y is best.

Some of the best masks you can apply to your hair can be made at home. Natural hair masks only contain the raw ingredients and so whilst they’re slightly more messy, you’re not applying a heap of chemicals to your hair. My favourite ingredients to whip into a mask are coconut oil, egg and honey. If you want to know some D.I.Y recipes just let me know and I’ll pop ’em in a post.

A good snip is a godsend.

You’ve probably heard it all before, but a regular cut is a great way to keep your hair healthy and encourage healthy growth. Cutting your hair doesn’t make it grow faster, but it does help keep your ends looking sleek so that you can benefit from the growth rather than having to hack inches off the ends. The less I get my hair cut, the thicker it gets. The thicker it gets = the more damaged it gets. Ergo, cutting is essential!

There’s my four top tips for growing your hair. No crazy suggestions like horse shampoo (although apparently that makes it grow like wildfire #justsayin).

Do you have any tips for growing hair? What are your haircare secrets?

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