Let’s Be Frank

Frank. You may have heard the brand ‘Frank’ bandied about recently. Seemingly popping up out of nowhere, Frank has gone from a brand posting pictures of beautiful wide-eyed girls covered in coffee to a brand that almost every blogger I know has mentioned.

When I first discovered Frank, I wrote this post, and since then two new ‘flavours’ have come out. After being impressed with the results of the first pack I tried, I thought I’d give them a go.

Since my first purchase, they’ve decided to offer free delivery to those in the UK, but the cost of the packs have gone up so it’s swings and roundabouts really. Delivery time took around a week, and the ordering process is really simple. They send emails along each step of the way so even though your order is coming from Australia you’re not kept in the dark whilst you wait.

The ingredients differ slightly dependant on whether you’re looking at the coconut, plain or cacao ‘flavour’. All feature roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, and all claim to combat cellulite, stretch marks and other skin conditions. Whilst it doesn’t get rid of my eczema, it definitely helps and although I’ve not seen any reduction in stretch marks, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on if there is any change over the next few months.

After trying the plain, cacao and coconut scrubs I’d say my favourite is the cacao. not only does it smell like chocolate so I enjoy using it the most, but it also seems to leave my skin the most moisturised. Maybe it’s the Vitamin E or the almond and macadamia oils, but after using the cacao scrub my skin feels soft and healthy days after use.

Have you tried anything from Frank?


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