You might have heard of Frank. You may have not. What’s important is you’ll know about it after this.

Frank is a vegan body scrub from Australia, who captured my attention with their cheeky instagram posts and promises of better, eczema free skin! For only around £8 you get 200g of coffee scrub that leaves your skin silky smooth and super soft.

With ingredients including roasted and ground arabica coffee beans, sweet almond oils, brown sugar, sea salt, orange oil & more it’s a jam packed treat for your skin. They also have a coconut, grapeseed and jojoba one too which sounds like it’d smell incredible. The main thing that sets this scrub apart from others is the fine grains, it gives your skin a deep, effective exfoliation without leaving your skin red, dry or tight.

Using the scrub is simple – strip, jump in the shower and scrub your skin. Using this scrub is such a therapeutic experience as it makes your whole shower smell like you’ve dived into a cappuccino, plus it leaves your skin really moisturised without feeling greasy.

I’ve seen a small difference in my eczema  in terms of a reduction in the redness and tightness of the flare-ups, but I’d definitely recommend it even if you don’t have skin problems as it is one of the best scrubs I’ve tried!

Have you heard of Frank? Check out the website here if you’re interested!

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