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Crest 3D Professional White Strips

If you saw my last Crest whitening post, you’ll know that I saw great results from the Gentle Routine – read more here. However, when seeing the 3D Professional Strips on offer on Ebay, I decided to try these instead. You can get them here.

These strips were much sticker than the sensitive ones, which meant that I got a really good fit around my teeth and not very much movement when wearing them. This is ideal when you have to wear the strips for 30 minutes, as it means the gel stays in close contact with the surface of your teeth and doesn’t end up leaving a weird taste in your mouth.

I did ten days worth of strips, and saw a considerable amount of improvement. As with the last results I saw (here), the shade of my teeth drastically improved, especially to say I was still drinking tea during my treatments.

The only issue I had with these strips over the gentle routine is that after six or seven days of usage, my teeth really starting feeling sensitive. I had to have two day gaps between the last four strip packs as I started to find it painful to eat cold food and drink.

If you’ve got sensitive teeth like myself, I’d definitely recommend either going for the gentle routine or using sensitive toothpaste after use. Whilst I saw really good results, I think the gentle routine strips are suited better to my needs. You can see the post on this here.

If you’ve not got sensitive teeth, I’d suggest going for the 3D Professional Strips as I found they were more effective and in terms of application were slightly easier to use.

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