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Another new series of posts which I’m going to be writing for you, the product pick. With these posts, I’m going to pick out a product that I’ve particularly loved using that week and just discuss it a little bit with you. I’ve got quite a lot of loved products that I have forgotten to do posts on, so I always find myself coming back to them and wanting to share them!

This week’s product pick is the Creme Puff lip cream in Cotton Candy from Collection (formerly known as Collection 2000).

Like a lot of lip cream products that have a velvety finish, these can sometimes be a bit drying. However, I love the pop of colour that they give, they are so pigmented that you get a really great colour pay off from just one swipe.

They smell delicious too, and for £2.99 (here), they’re a great little product to pop in your bag for when you need a flush of colour.

I wore it in my last OOTD post. My outfit was quite plain, but I love how the simple pink pop can make it look just that little bit different.

Have you tried the Cream Puff lip creams? What are your thoughts? 
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